Friends of Y.P.A.C.

                                                      Yayasan Pembinaan Anak Cacat
                                                   (Foundation for the Development of Disabled Children)

Wish List!


In an effort to help you decide how you can best contribute to the needs of the students at YPAC we have compiled a list of items which are used frequently and which can also be bought locally. Items bought locally are usually cheaper and they are familiar to the students. Please do not feel you must bring large quantities.

Every little helps and also keeping in mind that storage space is limited.
There are approximately 50 students at YPAC. 7 girls and 10 boys are residential.

If you have any questions before you visit please contact us through the Facebook group
YPAC Bali- Institute for Mentally and Physically Handicapped Children
or email us at





Fresh fruit and vegetables 
Instant packet noodles (NOT the kind in the polystyrene pots!!)
Fresh fish and chicken pieces, chicken or beef hot dogs – these can be frozen 
Fresh eggs
Bread – packet sliced white – buns etc these can also be frozen.
Milk – large and small boxes long -life flavoured milk, Milo etc
Juices – small boxes – check the sugar content
Sauces : soya, local kecap manis, kecap asim, chilli sauce, small bottles are better.
Salt, flour and sugar, not huge bags as they do not stay fresh, better ½ Kg or 1kg size.
Cooking oil
Tinned milk and fruit
Tea and coffee – ready mix packets of local coffee,  Nescafe Top Kopi etc






spray bottles of all –purpose cleaners are very useful
Toilet cleaner
floor cleaner,
dish washing liquid
disposable cleaning cloths
sponges and pot scrubbers
food storage bags
large plastic garbage bags for big bins
bring along those supermarket bags too for the small classroom bins
toilet paper and tissues
mosquito spray
air freshener
cupboard air freshener, mothballs
clothes hand washing detergent
machine washing detergent
matches and lighters
AA batteries





Preferably these should be small individual sizes


Tooth brushes and tooth paste
Hand soap - bottles
Shampoo and conditioner
Girls sanitary napkins ….no tampons thanks
Adult incontinence pads
Boys hair gel…not essential but they like to be cool!
Hair ties, bands
Alcohol pads
Band aids – plasters
Surgical face masks
Anti biotic cream
Small first aid items



Our students range in ages from 6 to 22! All shapes and sizes! The residential girls are from age 12 to 18 and the boys are from 13 to adult. While we appreciate all clothes that are donated, it’s always good to get something new out of the packet as well as pre-used.  The girls prefer leggings to shorts. Boys’ socks and shoes and underwear are always on the list.
Clothes for younger children can be used for brothers and sisters and of course our day students.



The mattresses measure 90cm x 200cm x 15 cm so please check the size before you buy! Bedding is very expensive in Bali so anything brought from overseas is wonderful …..if you have the luggage space and weight!! If we have the choice please avoid white bedding!! And yes the girls love pink!!!


Fitted sheets
Top sheets
Waterproof mattress covers
Pillow cases standard



If there are any other items you would like to donate please check first for suitability. Perhaps if we are not in need then we can suggest some other organisation where it could be put to good use.