Friends of Y.P.A.C.

                                                      Yayasan Pembinaan Anak Cacat
                                                   (Foundation for the Development of Disabled Children)

Our Mission Statement


All involved at YPAC want the children it shelters to feel safe and at home. They receive an education and training which aims to prepare them for life as an independent adult. But the responsibilities of YPAC’s staff do not end there: they also give the children the respect and warmth which every child and young adult needs and deserves. 

To achieve this goal YPAC employs professional caregivers who can provide both educational, social and pastoral assistance to all students in their charge. Children from impoverished families can receive education, food, clothing and shelter free of charge. When a student has completed his or her education, YPAC actively helps them to find a suitable work placement in the community. Look to our page of alumni success stories to find out what our students have gone on to achieve.