Friends of Y.P.A.C.

                                                      Yayasan Pembinaan Anak Cacat
                                                   (Foundation for the Development of Disabled Children)







April 1st Bukit Pandawa Golf and Country Club.

Two of our lovely students, Yulia and Kadek Indari, attended the golf tournament at the Bukit Pandawa Club on April 1st.
The club had selected YPAC to benefit from the after-game auction. Items auctioned were TVs and fridges.
It was a wonderful evening at a beautiful location and the auction raised the amazing and very generous amount of over 35 million rupiah.
We had a tour of the stunning club and grounds and the girls got to whizz around in a golf cart! What a beautiful location with stunning views of the ocean.


A big thanks to Stephen Banks the club manager, Lucia Indrayana, head of marketing, and all the staff at the club for making us so welcome.



Nengah, the girl who lives in the orphanage disabled YPAC, Jimbaran, Bali, lives, has become the fifth in the Paralympics in London on the part Powerlifting. We are so proud of her.

Nengah London

The Accor hotel group still brings lunch to YPAC every day.
Pan Pacific Nirvana hotel invited YPAC for a day in its 5 star resort. The children could play table tennis, golf, swimming, have a freehaircut, play, and paint.

The management and the staff did their utmost to give the children of YPAC an unforgettable day and they succeeded well. One of the children was crying in a corner because he didn't have a swimming suit. The problem was solved quickly by finding him a swimming suit that was previously left by other guests.
A sponsor organised another great day for the children by taking them to the Bali safaripark. Here the chioldren could ride an elephant and, together with the staff, the elephants were given a bath.
Nengah Widiasih, an 18 years old girl who has polio, is already training for months at Solo. At the end of June great news was received.  6 Indonesian children will join the Paralympics Games in Londen and Nengah is one of them. Her brother Gede, who also lives at YPAC, is very proud of his sister and not nly he!


Because of a gift of a Dutch organisatiion we were able to buy 8 new matrasses to replace the completely worn out matrasses plus we were able to paint some of the rooms.
8 years old Nienke de Boer of the Maria school from Wateringen wanted to do ‘isomething’ for the poor children of Bali. She told this to her parent while having dinner. Her parents told her to tell this to her teacher at school and thus the whole school got involved. Her mother and grandmother had planned a holiday to Bali. The children of the school did lots of effort and collected over 1700 euro. With this money we were able to order 5 double cupboards and 2 storied beds with fitting matrasses. We also bought linen for all beds and pillow sheets. The mother and grandmother of Nienke visited YPAC and together with the kids they painted pillow sheets. (see pictures). Nienke and the de Boer family, thanks very much for your great help!.

This year there were also lots of volunteers from Denemark, America, Germany, Australia and Holland. They gave therapies, fixed wheelchairs, made wallpaintings, sang and danced en with the childred, and teached English.
In september the Australian Heart strings organisation organised a benefiet diner in one of the most expensive restaurants of Bali with an auction of paintings which were made by the kids of YPAC (assisted by professional painters) (see pictures). 

This night 120.000.000Rp (10.350 Euro) was collected. The framed replica's of the painting are for sale for 86 Euro.
With this money we ficed the computer room, bought 5 computers , realized an internet connection, rennovated the kitchen which dated from 1976 and we renovated the boy's bedroom (see pictures).

A japanese organisation, chikyuunokodomo, donated a small van to YPAC. The backside shows the painted name of the people who donated and the artist who painted the van, and the side shows the names of the children of YPAC, while the front shows the names of the staff and the teachers of YPAC.


Nenghag Widiasih, of YPAC-Bali, takes part at the Asian games for handicapped held in Beijing, with power lifting.