Friends of Y.P.A.C.

                                                      Yayasan Pembinaan Anak Cacat
                                                   (Foundation for the Development of Disabled Children)

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album: YPAC, Jan & Feb 2010

IMGP1199 IMGP1200 IMGP1201 IMGP1202 IMGP1203 IMGP1204 IMGP1205 IMGP1206 IMGP1207 IMGP1208 IMGP1209 IMGP1210 IMGP1221 IMGP1222 IMGP1223 IMGP1227 IMGP1228 IMGP1229 IMGP1230 IMGP1231 IMGP1236 IMGP1237 IMGP1238 IMGP1239 IMGP1240 IMGP1241 IMGP1242 IMGP1245 IMGP1246 IMGP1247 IMGP1248 IMGP1249 IMGP1250 IMGP1251 IMGP1252 IMGP1253 IMGP1254 IMGP1255 IMGP1256 IMGP1257 IMGP1258 IMGP1259 IMGP1260 IMGP1261 IMGP1262 IMGP1263 IMGP1264 IMGP1265 IMGP1266 IMGP1267 IMGP1268 IMGP1269 IMGP1270 IMGP1271 Gede IMGP1197 IMGP1198