Friends of Y.P.A.C.

                                                      Yayasan Pembinaan Anak Cacat
                                                   (Foundation for the Development of Disabled Children)

Visitors and Volunteers


We are always happy to welcome visitors to YPAC. 
So that the children’s classes are not disrupted, we ask that you make an appointment rather than arrive unexpectedly.
One of us from Friends of YPAC would be able to meet with you on a Thursday morning.

With notice, it is possible to arrange an alternative time.

YPAC is a school so please remember to dress respectfully, as you would in any school.

Lessons start from 8 am until approximately 12 noon. During that time children are in class and it is important for them to follow their routine.

If you would like to donate food or other items during your visit, please see our “Wish List” page. We do not encourage cash donations. If however this is what you prefer, please ensure you are given a receipt for your kind gift.

Please do not take photographs of our students or school without permission.








YPAC is a small school and residential children’s home, and does not offer a formal volunteer programme.


The security of our students is of prime importance and should you wish to volunteer at YPAC you must show professional qualifications and a letter of reference from your place of work or school.


We have already hosted educational professionals who have given their time in specialist subjects – physiotherapists, special needs teachers, occupational therapists etc.

You should be able to offer a specific skill which will benefit the students either educationally or in extra- curricular activity or sport. Practical skills in building and carpentry and painting can always be put to good use.

YPAC is a very small school and unfortunately, is not able to offer any assistance in airport pick up or transfers so you must be willing to be resourceful and independent!

Volunteers will cover all their own expenses for travel to Bali and accommodation.



If you have a proposal for volunteering, please submit it to the email address on this website: