Friends of Y.P.A.C.

                                                      Yayasan Pembinaan Anak Cacat
                                                   (Foundation for the Development of Disabled Children)

Who we are?

In Balinese Hindu society a child born with a physical or intellectual disability is seen as a punishment from the Gods for wrongdoings in a former life.

Because of this, children with disabilities are often hidden from the outside world and not integrated in everyday society

The Support Group Friends of YPAC-Bali was founded nearly 10 years ago by three friends: Tonny Buijzen from the Netherlands, Maritta Brandes from Germany, and Phillip Halsall from Australia. They were concerned about those young people who were ignored by society and wanted to assist the children’s residential school YPAC in Jimbaran, by giving their time, their advice and financial help.